Myanmar: Ethnic Karen Rebels Capture Key Town on Thai Border

Myanmar: Ethnic Karen Rebels Capture Key Town on Thai Border
Image copyright: Sirachai Arunrugstichai/Stringer/Getty Images News via Getty Images AsiaPac

The Facts

  • Myanmar's ethnic Karen National Union (KNU) on Friday announced plans to replace the junta administration in and around Myawaddy after seizing full control of the trade hub located at the border with Thailand.

  • This comes as anti-junta rebels and allied forces drove out the military's last battalion early on Thursday to conclude an assault that started earlier this week on junta positions in the city.

The Spin

Narrative A

Anti-government terrorist groups are spreading dangerous lies aimed at undermining national unity and trust in Myanmar’s security forces. They have caused mass upheaval and displaced thousands of people while blaming the government, which is simply looking to restore order. It's certain that several groups will look to sow discord and subvert harmony, but the national security forces will continue to promote unity and security.

Narrative B

Anti-coup rebel groups have continued to make major strides in their fight against the military junta, and the KNU’s capture of Myawaddy marks a major turning point in the power struggle over Myanmar. Ever since the coup, the junta has been unable to get a firm grip on power — and the resistance continues to take advantage of its weaknesses. State media may not admit this but its silence is deafening.

Metaculus Prediction

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