US to Open Migrant Centers in Latin America, Expedite Deportations

Image copyright: AP [via Al Jazeera]

The Facts

  • As the Title 42 COVID restrictions on immigration are set to expire next month, the US will establish regional processing centers for migrants in Colombia and Guatemala to reduce arrivals at the southern border.

  • The first processing centers, set to open in the coming weeks, will be operated by international organizations partnering with the US. Migrants will "speak to specialists" to determine eligibility. If eligible, they may be given "parole programs, family reunification or existing labor pathways."

The Spin

Republican narrative

This announcement doesn't show the Biden admin. turning a corner on immigration but rather an admission that the government will play the role of human smugger itself. The president's migrant phone app has already approved a shocking 99% of so-called asylum seekers so there is no reason to believe Biden will follow through with his promise to deport those who don't follow the rules.

Democratic narrative

Biden's Dept. of Homeland Security has actually removed over 200K individuals during last year alone, which is tens of thousands more than the previous year. The Biden admin. takes illegal immigration seriously and will continue to implement its tough but compassionate migrant programs as it always has.

Political split



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