China Condemns Taiwan VP's US Visit

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    The Facts

    • On Sunday, China threatened to take "resolute and forceful measures" to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity, after Taiwanese Vice President William Lai arrived in New York over the weekend.

    • Lai transited through the US on Saturday — for the first time since January 2022 — on his way to attend the inauguration of Paraguayan President-elect Santiago Peña on Tuesday. Paraguay is the only South American country that still holds diplomatic ties with Taiwan.

    The Spin

    Pro-China narrative

    The Biden administration is inflaming political tensions in the region by facilitating Taiwan's engagement in divisive activities in the US under the pretext of 'transit.' The PRC cannot tolerate uncalled-for intervention in its territory and must step up its military exercises around the island until it accepts Beijing's sovereignty.

    Anti-China narrative

    Taiwan's future should be determined by its people and not by mainland China, which keeps interfering in Taiwan's internal affairs. As Beijing has threatened to take control of Taiwan — potentially through the use of force — Taiwan's leaders must secure alliances in the West to maintain its independence and the legitimacy of democracy worldwide.

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