At Least 700 Ill After Airbus Christmas Dinner

At Least 700 Ill After Airbus Christmas Dinner
Image copyright: Unsplash

The Facts

  • According to French health officials, Airbus Atlantic's Christmas dinner for its employees in western France has left over 700 staff members suffering from vomiting and diarrhea. However, the aerospace group has claimed only "around 100" had taken ill.

  • The gourmet dinner for 2.6K workers, organized at the company's site at Montoir-de-Bretagne, reportedly included delicacies such as foie gras, scallops, lobster and tournedos, and hazelnut and chocolate mousse at only €15 ($16.5) per head.

The Spin

Narrative A

It's too early to read much into the Airbus incident right now. Authorities are investigating the matter, and, by the looks of it, it's likely to be mere food poisoning. It was just unfortunate that the employees had to suffer following a festive occasion.

Narrative B

Airbus, which employs around 15K people worldwide, ought to have been more careful about its employees — doubly so in the wake of the botulism tragedy in France earlier this year. Let's hope some hard lessons have been learned now.

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