US House Committee to Hear Testimony About Alleged SCOTUS Leak

Image copyright: The New York Times

The Facts

  • The US House Judiciary Committee was set Thursday to hear the testimony of Reverend Rod Schenck, a former anti-abortion activist who claimed in a New York Times report last month that SCOTUS Justice Samuel Alito leaked the 2014 Hobby Lobby v. Burwell ruling to conservative activists.

  • The Times report detailed how Alito prematurely revealed the decision to Gayle Wright, a member of Schenck’s organization, during one of several dinners the group had in an alleged effort to influence conservative justices.

The Spin

Republican narrative

Everyone reportedly involved in this so-called leak has denied it, and there are many holes in Schenck’s story. Plus, he’s a flip-flopper who once opposed abortion but now believes it should be left up to individuals. Schenck isn’t credible, and neither is this serious accusation. This investigation is a waste of Congress’ time.

Democratic narrative

It’s important that Congress look deeper into this matter, and getting testimony from Schenck is a step in the right direction. Although the court counsel provided lawmakers with a letter that included denials from Alito and Wright, the Times report alluded to evidence the justice and his friend might not be telling the whole truth. Only a thorough investigation will clear this up.

Political split



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