UAE Intercepts Houthi Missile During Israeli President's Visit

Image copyright: Getty Images [via NBC]

The Facts

  • The UAE intercepted another Houthi missile on Monday, which the group claimed was aimed at disrupting a historic visit from Israeli President, Isaac Herzog. No injuries or casualties were reported.

  • This is the third such incident this month, following initial drone strikes that killed 3 and injured 6, and another attack last week in response to a Saudi-led bombing of Yemen's capital, Sanaa, which killed as many as 20.

The Spin

Pro-establishment narrative

The Houthis perpetrated a terrorist attack in clear violation of international law, in an attempt to spread chaos and instability in the region. They are a terrorist group that doesn't represent Yemen's legitimate government, and must be held accountable.

Establishment-critical narrative

The UAE bombed Yemen first, so retalliation is legitimate. The UAE has refused Houthi ceasefire offers, and these are the consequences. The so-called "recognized" goverrnment of Yemen is a Saudi-backed puppet regime lacking widespread support and widespread control.

Establishment split



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