North Korea Confirms Launch of Missile Capable of Striking Guam

Image copyright: CBS [via AP]

The Facts

  • North Korea has confirmed the test launch of a ballistic missile capable of striking the US territory of Guam.

  • This is the seventh weapons test carried out this year, despite widespread condemnation.

The Spin

Left narrative

Biden is attempting to salvage US relations with North Korea after talks collapsed under Trump. His firm but diplomatic approach has so far been met with a cold shoulder from Pyongyang.

Right narrative

Although denuclearization and broader disarmament are worthy goals, they're unrealistic. Policy going forward must recognize the immutably malign and threatening aims of North Korea in its relationship with the West.

Libertarian narrative

The U.S. has threatened to nuke North Korea, which has the right to defend itself. The U.S. should stop playing 'GloboCop' and prioritize solving its domestic problems.

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