White House Introduces Rules to Reduce Diesel Emissions

    White House Introduces Rules to Reduce Diesel Emissions
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    The Facts

    • On Friday, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced new regulations aimed at cutting diesel gas emissions from vehicles such as heavy-duty trucks and buses.

    • The EPA wants lighter trucks to reduce emissions by 17% by model year 2027, and medium-sized commercial trucks by 13%. By model year 2032, work trucks and tractors must cut their carbon output by 25-60%, depending on the size.

    The Spin

    Democratic narrative

    Biden's vehicle emissions agenda will not only remove billions of tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, but also create a $99B net benefit for society. The EPA has taken both environmental and economic concerns into consideration, rightly earning praise from both auto manufacturing and environmental groups. These regulations are about pushing America toward a cleaner and more lucrative future.

    Republican narrative

    Biden's latest energy plans perfectly highlight his hypocrisy on the issue. While he's forcing American manufacturers to reduce gas usage at home, he's also asking Ukraine not to attack Russian gas infrastructure to keep global gas prices down during an election year. Besides, his goal isn't feasible, given that to accomplish these emissions reductions, the country would, by 2050, have to expand its entire electrical grid by a virtually impossible extent.

    Metaculus Prediction

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