VP Kamala Harris Visits Minnesota Abortion Clinic

VP Kamala Harris Visits Minnesota Abortion Clinic
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The Facts

  • US Vice Pres. Kamala Harris toured a Minnesota abortion clinic on Thursday, marking the first time a president or vice president has made an official visit to such a facility.

  • Her visit to the Planned Parenthood St. Paul Health Center comes amid her “Fight for Reproductive Freedoms” tour, which highlights abortion rights as a key issue for her and Joe Biden’s reelection campaign against Donald Trump.

The Spin

Democratic narrative

As the first woman to serve as vice president, Kamala Harris understands the key issues that impact women, and she continues to demonstrate her unwavering support for reproductive justice. The vast majority of Americans are in favor of access to abortion in some form, yet radical Republicans have pushed for extreme measures against it. Abortion rights are human rights, and if the 2022 midterms serve as an indicator, Republicans will be punished at the ballot box for their anti-choice extremism.

Republican narrative

Kamala Harris is pulling out every fear mongering tactic to exploit the emotions of women across the US in what is nothing but a political stunt aimed at energizing the Democrats' far-left base. Partnering with what is essentially an abortion mill that has been mired in past controversy, however, is a far cry from the moderate stance on abortion put forth by Biden in 2020, and could end up backfiring against the Democratic factions less enthusiastic about abortion rights, particularly Black and Hispanic groups.

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