UK Commits £117M to Protect Muslim Communities

UK Commits £117M to Protect Muslim Communities
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The Facts

  • The UK government announced on Monday that it will commit £117M ($150M) over the next four years to security programs that protect Britain’s Muslim communities, including mosques, Muslim faith schools, and other community centers.

  • Home Secretary James Cleverly says that the investment is "crucially needed" amid growing tensions following Hamas’ attack on Israel on Oct. 7 and the Gaza war, noting that anti-Muslim sentiments have been rising and that there is “no place” for anti-Muslim hatred in the UK.

The Spin

Progressive narrative

No matter what Rishi Sunak and his government might say, it's clear that he is complicit in the anti-Muslim rhetoric of his fellow Tories. Sunak is engaging in performative gestures by giving lukewarm speeches condemning "extremism" and providing some money to certain causes, but he has failed time and again to meaningfully put an end to the Islamophobia plaguing Britain.

Conservative narrative

As tensions continue to rise across Britain and the world, Rishi Sunak is trying his best to unify Brits of all creeds and beliefs. Extremism has no place in the UK, and Sunak’s government is doing its best to fight the horrific rise of antisemitism as well as Islamophobia that has happened since Oct. 7. Sunak and the Tories will continue to protect the UK's Jewish and Muslim communities from religious and ethnic hatred.

Metaculus Prediction

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