Russia Announces Nuclear Drills, Blames 'Provocative' Western Remarks

Russia Announces Nuclear Drills, Blames 'Provocative' Western Remarks
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The Facts

  • Russia on Monday said it would soon hold military exercises that included practice for the preparation and deployment of tactical nuclear weapons, blaming "provocative statements and threats of certain Western officials."

  • Though Russia's nuclear forces regularly hold exercises with such weapons — which are intended for battlefield use and are not as powerful as conventional nuclear warheads — it was the first time that Russia publicly announced plans to hold such drills.

The Spin

Pro-establishment narrative

Russia is once again threatening the West with nuclear weapons. Putin did a similar thing when Britain said it would provide Ukraine with armor-piercing shells containing depleted uranium. This is the Kremlin's playbook for seeking to scare its enemies into obsequience.

Pro-Russia narrative

Despite Russia's warnings, the West continues to escalate the conflict by suggesting that NATO troops will be stationed in Ukraine, and by allowing it to strike in Russian territory — hundreds of miles from where the conflict is taking place. Russia had no choice but to respond to these Western provocations.

Metaculus Prediction

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