Reports: Israel Concerned Over Possible ICC Arrest Warrants

Reports: Israel Concerned Over Possible ICC Arrest Warrants
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The Facts

  • Reportedly due to concerns that the International Criminal Court (ICC) will issue arrest warrants for top Israeli officials over allegations that Israel deliberately induced famine conditions in Gaza, Israeli media reported that the US is working to prevent the ICC from moving forward.

  • Bloomberg reported on Monday that the US and some of its allies "have begun a quiet diplomatic effort" to convince the Hague that issuing arrest warrants for top Israeli officials would sink negotiations between Israel and Hamas regarding a cease-fire and the release of hostages.

The Spin

Pro-Israel narrative

Though the ICC has not released anything official, it would be absolutely abhorrent if Israeli leaders were charged with crimes for simply trying to protect their country from the existential threat posed by Hamas terrorists. The Israeli government has a moral and legal obligation to its citizens to defend them, and it will continue to do so. Israel has gone above and beyond to get humanitarian aid into Gaza, and accusations to the contrary are completely unfounded.

Pro-establishment narrative

The US is committed to making sure that its allies comply with international law regarding armed conflict, but this is a complicated situation. The US has made significant progress in the last six months in terms of leveraging Israel and other regional actors, and any action by the ICC that charged Israeli leaders with war crimes would jeopardize all that hard work. The US and its allies have the tools to find a productive solution to this conflict.

Pro-Palestine narrative

The double standards applied to Israel become more and more ludicrous with each passing day of this immoral and unnecessary war. Just the mere suggestion that Israel may face consequences for its actions is enough to elicit a diplomatic campaign by the US to prevent such ethical moves. Israel has committed regular massacres in Gaza in addition to the famine it has created. It should be treated like any other rogue state.

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