Report: Biden Admin. Says Russia, NKorea Could Launch Attacks Ahead of US Election

    Report: Biden Admin. Says Russia, NKorea Could Launch Attacks Ahead of US Election
    Above: Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (L) visit a construction site of the Angara rocket launch complex on September 13, 2023 in Tsiolkovsky, Russia. Image copyright: Contributor/Contributor/Getty Images News via Getty Images

    The Facts

    • According to NBC News, six Biden administration officials claim that North Korea, with the help of Russia, could expand its nuclear capabilities and launch provocative military actions ahead of the 2024 US elections.

    • US intelligence officials have said they expect Russia to help North Korea build a nuclear-powered submarine — which could target US allies like Japan — in exchange for Pyongyang supplying Moscow with ammunition for its war in Ukraine.

    The Spin

    Narrative A

    While North Korea has a history of ramping up missile tests during US election years, the current threat is especially dangerous with Russia as its ally. With Russian technology at its disposal, Pyongyang may decide to launch a small but significant strike on the South. If the Biden administration fails to deter North Korean aggression, it could pave the way for Trump, who has boasted about his friendship with Kim Jong Un, to gain another term in the White House.

    Narrative B

    Just because Trump supporters and Eastern governments agree on certain truths about America doesn't make Republicans agents of Russia. Western intelligence agencies recently lied about two of the largest events in recent history — COVID and the CIA and NATO's role in sparking the Ukraine war. People across the world, from presidents Putin and Xi to anti-establishment voters in the US and Canada, are tired of Western elites gaslighting them and making geopolitical allegations that are false and downright dangerous.

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