Opill, First Over-the-Counter Birth Control Pill, to Hit US Market

Opill, First Over-the-Counter Birth Control Pill, to Hit US Market
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The Facts

  • Following its approval by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Opill, the over-the-counter birth control pill manufactured by Dublin-based company Perrigo, is expected to hit the US market later this month.

  • Perrigo said it will begin shipping pre-orders of Opill "this week," adding that one-month, three-month, and six-month packs will be sold for $19.99, $49.99, and $89.99, respectively. The six-month pack will be sold on Opill.com.

The Spin

Left narrative

This was a historic achievement on behalf of millions of women and their reproductive rights. Now it's up to pharmaceutical companies and US lawmakers to use the available financial data and ensure these life-saving pills are affordable for everyone.

Right narrative

Opill is problematic for a few reasons. Not only are there noted side effects, but the failure rate of Opill is higher than other hormone-based alternatives. Catholic and other conservative groups have also pointed to data suggesting that this method will not decrease abortion rates in the end. The GOP should advocate that the FDA revoke its approval.

Establishment-critical narrative

Big Pharma continues to ruin the contraceptive industry by producing and distributing contraception with unpopular side effects — some that have dangerous impacts. Instead of churning out unpopular pills, the pharmaceutical industry must invest its profits in research and development for healthier, non-hormonal pills.

Metaculus Prediction

Political split



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