North Carolina Felon Voting Law Struck Down

    North Carolina Felon Voting Law Struck Down
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    The Facts

    • A federal judge Monday struck down the enforcement of a North Carolina law criminalizing voting by people with felony convictions.

    • In a 25-page order, US District Judge Loretta Biggs wrote the law was "enacted with discriminatory intent, has not been cleansed of its discriminatory taint, and continues to disproportionately impact Black voters." The ruling can still be challenged in a higher court.

    The Spin

    Left narrative

    This law's racist origins can't be ignored, and any ruling that reduces enforcement of it is welcome. Now would-be voters can go to the polls a little less afraid to cast their ballot if they're unsure of their eligibility.

    Right narrative

    There are many valid reasons why felons should not be allowed to vote. Felons who attempt to vote before their rights are restored are committing voter fraud and should be prosecuted accordingly.

    Metaculus Prediction

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