Mattel Announces New, More 'Inclusive' Scrabble

Mattel Announces New, More 'Inclusive' Scrabble
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The Facts

  • Toy and game manufacturer Mattel announced it will launch a more "inclusive" and "collaborative" version of Scrabble, marking the biggest change in the 75-year history of the board game.

  • The new version, Scrabble Together, will be played on a double-sided board, opposite the traditional Scrabble board. Players will be able to choose which version they want to play based on their experience and competitiveness.

The Spin

Progressive narrative

This is a smart move to bring people together and make the game more appealing and inclusive to a wider pool of prospective players. Those feigning outrage over this are acting like the classic version is being replaced, but it's not. There's nothing wrong with Mattel bringing the fun of Scrabble to those who have been intimidated, or simply disinterested, in the traditional version.

Conservative narrative

You can add Scrabble to the growing list of board games that are being dumbed down for Gen Z, as younger generations continue to suffer from "everyone gets a trophy" syndrome. Scrabble Together essentially removes the challenging aspects of the game. This wouldn't be a big deal if it weren’t a symptom of a greater problem — that young people are averse to anything that's not on a screen or involves competition and any risk of failure.

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