Louisiana Lawmakers Approve Surgical Castration of Child Sex Offenders

Image copyright: Riis2602 via Wikimedia Commons

The Facts

  • Louisiana state lawmakers voted Monday to allow judges to impose surgical castration on sex offenders whose victims were under 13 prior to their release from prison. Inmates would face three to five years in prison for failing to comply.

  • The bill was sponsored by Democratic Rep. Delisha Boyd and Sen. Regina Barrow and was passed by both Republican-dominated chambers. Boyd said she proposed the bill after reading a story about a convicted repeat child rapist.

The Spin

Narrative A

Not only does castration provide a method of punishment, but both chemical and surgical methods also reduce the prevalence of crimes. Such solutions are even requested occasionally by the perpetrators. Evil crimes should not only be punished but also prevented.

Narrative B

While castration for sexual criminals is used by governments across the globe, its use is rare and typically only in the most dire circumstances. Even though this issue involves heinous crimes, medical and legal ethics should still be weighed heavily.

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