Israeli Forces Advance Deeper into Rafah as Ceasefire Talks Remain Uncertain

Israeli Forces Advance Deeper into Rafah as Ceasefire Talks Remain Uncertain
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The Facts

  • Residents of Rafah reported that Israeli tanks advanced deeper into the west of the city on Thursday, as the details and progress of cease-fire negotiations remain murky. Residents also reported helicopter, drone, and artillery fire in the city.

  • Hamas has said that the changes it has requested to the cease-fire proposal announced last month are "not significant." US Sec. of State Antony Blinken called some of the group's requests unworkable, but said that negotiations would continue.

The Spin

Pro-establishment narrative

A guaranteed end to the war will ensure increased humanitarian aid to Gaza, preserve Israel's security, and create a better "day after" in the enclave without Hamas in power. It will also de-escalate the situation on the Lebanese border. It is unfortunate that Hamas did not respond with a resounding "yes" to this thoughtful proposal, but the US will continue to work toward closing the gaps.

Pro-Israel narrative

The fact that the Biden admin. thinks it's appropriate to try to pressure Israel into allowing Hamas to stay in power in Gaza is deeply disappointing. If Israel does not destroy Hamas, the group will immediately begin planning the next Oct. 7 terrorist attack. Israel must get the hostages back and eliminate Hamas.

Pro-Palestine narrative

It should be clear after almost eight months of grinding brutality that Israel's true goal is to destroy Gaza and starve its people. Israel is simply not interested in committing to a permanent cease-fire, as Israeli officials have made clear that once the hostages are returned, they will restart the war. Indeed, the US, aware of Israel's intransigence, refuses to do what is necessary to end this ruthless campaign.

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