Google Apologizes for Gemini's Historical Inaccuracies

Google Apologizes for Gemini's Historical Inaccuracies
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The Facts

  • Google on Thursday issued an apology after its artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot Gemini generated historically inaccurate or implausible images in its attempt to be diverse and inclusive.

  • Google paused image generation by Gemini after several examples of this were posted online, including racially diverse Nazi-era German soldiers and a Black pope. Gemini apparently also failed to generate images of White people.

The Spin

Left narrative

These issues are to be expected because most AI developers are White men, who are trying to avoid embedding their innate biases into the technology. There's been an overcorrection, but it's fixable and preferable to AI adopting disturbing stereotypes about other races.

Right narrative

Gemini was designed by humans who seem to think American and European history is too white. So now what was previously assumed about the Big Tech leaders and what they think of Western civilization has become fact. No apology can make up for their clear disregard for actual history.

Narrative C

Gemini and other AI products are in their infancy and it's better to have this debate out in the open than to allow the technology to develop biases one way or another. It will take far more training, but eventually, AI will strike the right balance when it comes to understanding and explaining history.

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