Experts, Public Figures Sign Letter for AI Deepfake Regulation

Experts, Public Figures Sign Letter for AI Deepfake Regulation
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The Facts

  • Over 300 people, including artificial intelligence (AI), technology, digital ethics, and child safety experts as well as celebrities and academics, have signed an open letter calling on governments to regulate AI deepfakes.

  • Deepfakes are AI-generated content that fabricates human voices, images, and videos to the extent that the average person wouldn't reasonably be able to tell if it's real or fake.

The Spin

Narrative A

There are many dangers emerging as a result of AI deepfakes, the most prominent being sexually explicit content — which grew by 400% from 2022-2023. Not only this, but malicious actors are also using this technology to create fake videos of politicians and artificially sway political opinions across the world. The world's leading AI experts, from independent academics to tech executives developing AI, are right in sounding the alarm on the incoming threats we face if governments don't take measures to strongly regulate deepfakes.

Narrative B

While there are deepfakes that should absolutely be banned — especially pornography — this technology isn't only used for nefarious purposes, and any infringement on free speech must be carefully avoided. For instance, deepfakes provide a promising new tool in a long line of satirical techniques that have been used throughout history to maintain a balance of power between rulers and those they rule. Regulation should be judiciously and carefully curated to prevent the dark aspects of deepfakes while also allowing people to critique, and even mock, the powers that be.

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