British Columbia Rolls Back Drug Decriminalization

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The Facts

  • Canadian province British Columbia plans to re-criminalize public hard drug use, partially reversing a January 2023 policy aimed at addressing a severe opioid crisis.

  • Urging the Canadian government to reverse the initiative, province Premier David Eby said "keeping people safe" was his highest priority.

The Spin

Narrative A

British Columbia's decriminalization of public hard drugs use was a justified attempt to stem a deadly and tragic opioid crisis. Though the program may have faced opposition and ultimately failed, it was a step in the right direction toward distigmatizing what should be treated as a health — not criminal — matter.

Narrative B

BC's decriminalization policy failed to meet expectations and faced legal challenges due to understandable concerns over harm to vulnerable populations. Balancing public safety and addiction support requires sensible regulation and additional measures like safer drug supply and designated consumption spaces, not a free-for-all.

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