Alabama Passes Legislation to Ban State Funding of DEI

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    The Facts

    • Alabama Republicans passed legislation on Tuesday to ban state funding of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs at public universities, government agencies, and local boards of education.

    • The bill will also prevent state-funded institutions from teaching some "divisive concepts" involving race, gender, and identity. The legislation will also require public universities to only allow people to use bathrooms that align with their biological sex.

    The Spin

    Republican narrative

    DEI programs are just one way in which students at public schools are indoctrinated into far-left ideologies. These programs sow divisions between students and faculty, and teach people to hate themselves because of their race and gender identities. These programs have no place in state-funded programs, and that is why this bill was passed.

    Democratic narrative

    This bill infringes on the constitutional rights of students and staff. Diversity and inclusion programs do not sow division but rather create unity. By attacking these programs, Alabama is eliminating vital support for historically underrepresented and marginalized groups, such as Black and LGBTQ students and staff. Democracy thrives on diversity — any efforts to quell discussions over identity, like those outlined in this bill, essentially amount to a gag order.

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