The Facts

  • US Vice President Kamala Harris on Sunday arrived in Ghana for the first leg of her weeklong trip to Africa, which is intended to deepen ties between the US and African nations amid China and Russia's growing influence.

  • Harris, speaking in Accra, Ghana's capital, referred to the long-lasting and "very important" US-Africa relationship. She also said she plans to promote economic growth and food security on the continent.

The Spin

Establishment-critical narrative

Harris can try her best to woo Africa to side with the US, but times have changed. African nations now know they have a choice between the infamous "friendship" with the West's imperialist and neocolonial powers and mutually beneficial political and economic cooperation with China in a more fair, multi-polar world order.

Pro-establishment narrative

Africans know of the increasing threat of exploitation by China and Russia. On the other hand, the US and Africa should be able to put their rocky past behind them and forge a transparent and inclusive relationship that will protect Africa from China while giving the US and Western institutions an advantage on the global stage.

Public figures in this story

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