US Dept. of Education Investigating Harvard's Legacy Policy

    Image copyright: Wikimedia Commons

    The Facts

    • In the wake of last month’s SCOTUS decision striking down race-based admissions at US universities, the US Dept. of Education (DOE) is investigating whether Harvard is racially discriminating against non-White students by favoring applicants with ties to donors and alumni.

    • The Boston-based non-profit Lawyers for Civil Rights claims that Harvard’s use of so-called legacy admissions policies is discriminatory since 70% of donor-related and legacy applicants — who are six times more likely to be admitted — are White.

    The Spin

    Left narrative

    While SCOTUS ruled against admissions policies aimed at uplifting marginalized Black and Latino students, the conservative court made sure to keep affirmative action in place for White people. Prestigious universities perpetuate intergenerational cycles of wealth and inhibit upward mobility by favoring the wealthy — and predominantly White — children of alumni. Biden is 100% right to call for an investigation into legacy admissions that discriminate against minority students.

    Right narrative

    After losing its mind over a court ruling that ended racism in college admissions, the woke left is trying to claim that legacy admissions are somehow racist. Biden is now calling for an investigation into the so-called racist policy that benefits wealthy applicants. However, there’s one problem — Biden has used his position as a Senator, Vice President, and President to get his unqualified family members into elite institutions. It's easy for powerful Democrats to oppose policies that will still advantage them.

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