UK: Mother Jailed Over Illegal Abortion to Be Freed

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The Facts

  • On Tuesday, the UK Court of Appeal halved and suspended the 28-month sentence handed in June to a woman for illegally procuring the termination of her pregnancy during the COVID lockdown. The Court immediately released her from prison.

  • Sitting with two other judges, Dame Victoria Sharp stated that this case calls for compassion, rather than for punishment, stressing that detaining the mother-of-three Carla Foster in custody for 35 days has served no useful purpose.

The Spin

Left narrative

This ruling underscores that British abortion laws must be reformed to protect women seeking healthcare from a cruel, outdated criminal justice system that doesn't reflect the current values of society. It's completely nonsensical to prosecute a woman for taking such a desperate action at a desperate time in her life.

Right narrative

While this is indeed a sad case, Carla Foster belongs behind bars as she knew that her pregnancy was far more advanced than the legal limit for an abortion in general, let alone the ten-week limit for using abortion pills prescribed remotely. An abortion carried out that late cannot be distinguished from infanticide.

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