Report: Major Indian Rivers Causing Cancer in Over 100 Villages

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The Facts

  • High toxicity levels in the Hindon, Yamuna, and Kali rivers are causing cancer and death in over 100 villages, Indian MP Vijay Pal Singh Tomar recently told the Parliament. Tomar also urged the central government "to intervene and direct the state government to take strict action."

  • Stating that the oxygen level was zero in samples taken from the Kali River, the MP said the water was unfit for drinking or irrigation "due to effluents discharged by factories, sugar mills, and paper mills into the river."

The Spin

Narrative A

The Constitution of India recognizes access to water as a fundamental part of the Right to Life under Article 21, making it a duty of the State to provide clean drinking water to its citizens. However, despite substantial funding, more than half the rivers in India are polluted. Unless political motivations are divorced from environmental projects, making progress and cleaning the country's significant waterways will be impossible.

Narrative B

Ridding the Indian rivers of thousands of tons of poison is a complex puzzle. However, the nation is starting to put the pieces together. The calls for action have become more urgent and widespread. Multiple river-cleansing operations are underway, and they're doing great work resolving an insurmountable problem. Moreover, public-private partnerships have been established, and are already being run sustainably and efficiently to tackle river pollution.

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