Paraguay Senior Official Sacked After Deal With Non-Existent Country

Paraguay Senior Official Sacked After Deal With Non-Existent Country
Image copyright: Unsplashy Franco Origlia/Getty Images News via Getty Images

The Facts

  • Arnaldo Chamorro, the chief of staff at Paraguay's Agriculture Ministry, was replaced on Wednesday after admitting to signing a memorandum of understanding with purported representatives from a non-existent Hindu island nation located in South America.

  • He revealed in a radio interview on Thursday that self-proclaimed officials of the so-called "United States of Kailasa" had met with him and Agriculture Minister Carlos Giménez, offering to help Paraguay with several issues, including irrigation.

The Spin

Narrative A

The embarrassing nature of Chamorro's lack of due diligence concerning Kailasa highlights a plethora of underlying security problems that undermine Paraguay's politics. The event has led to widespread ridicule, underpinning the necessity for thorough background checks when dealing with foreign entities. Paraguay must learn its lesson and ensure it does due diligence on its governance dealings.

Narrative B

Kailasa has continued to expand its diplomatic network across the world based on good intentions. Examples of success in Africa and South Asia highlight the entity's future potential. International actors who share similar values such as religious freedom, the eradication of hunger, and holistic health and education continue to recognize Kailasa for its true commitment to a positive future — no matter how its sovereignty is classified by others.

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