1.5M Dropped from Medicaid Rolls Since April

Image copyright: RDNE Stock project via Pexels.com

The Facts

  • About 1.5M people have reportedly been dropped from Medicaid rolls in more than two dozen states since April and the winding down of the COVID pandemic.

  • The federal government requires states to review the eligibility of its Medicaid recipients. Florida has dropped the most people with its total including several hundred thousand.

The Spin

Democratic narrative

Republican governors are rushing to force people off their Medicaid rolls – sometimes for clerical reasons – to burnish their right-wing reputations for the national stage. They care more about politics than the people in their own state, and it’ll be a sad state of affairs if any of them are able to earn election to higher office.

Republican narrative

Biden is the one failing these people. Let’s not forget that the COVID-era rule protecting these Medicaid recipients was issued during the Trump administration. In many cases, Republicans and Democrats are removing people from the roles to adhere to state law since the rule ended. Instead of playing politics, the current administration should act if it thinks something wrong is taking place.

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