Leaders Gather in Spain Before UN Climate Change Conference

    Leaders Gather in Spain Before UN Climate Change Conference
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    The Facts

    • On Monday, Spain and the International Energy Agency (IEA) co-hosted the International Climate and Energy Summit in Madrid amid global preparation for the United Nations' COP28 Climate Change Conference in November.

    • The summit brought together senior officials and climate leaders from 35 countries and four international organizations, as well as insights from industry, civil society, and youth organizations.

    The Spin

    Narrative A

    Despite the international agreement signed in Paris eight years ago, the world is still far from meeting its targets of slowing global warming. Droughts, fires, melting ice caps, and other natural disasters are becoming more frequent. COP28 must now be placed front and centre, with the priority of getting our planet back on track. The Earth still has a chance — it is up to the government's of each country to listen to the demands of their people.

    Narrative B

    Climate and environmental disasters have been predicted by modern-day doomsayers for decades. None of the apocalyptic predictions have come true so far; why would this time be any different? This type of apocalyptic rhetoric paralyzes people and does more harm than good.

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