Texas Woman Denied Emergency Abortion Leaves State for Procedure

Texas Woman Denied Emergency Abortion Leaves State for Procedure
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The Facts

  • Kate Cox, the 31-year-old pregnant Texas woman denied an emergency abortion by the state Supreme Court over the weekend, has left the state to receive the procedure, the Center for Reproductive Rights announced Monday.

  • Later Monday, the Texas Supreme Court, which Friday overruled a lower-court ruling by issuing a temporary stay preventing Cox from receiving an abortion, ruled that Cox’s lawyer and doctor didn’t prove she qualified for an exception to the state’s abortion law.

The Spin

Right narrative

There's no reason to legally challenge this law. Texas is a leading state in being innovative and bold in protecting the rights of children, including the unborn, as evidenced by the results – abortions are down. There are also pregnancy centers that can be accessed as important resources to help mothers. The state must appeal this ruling and win.

Left narrative

This law is cruel and strips a decision that should belong to a woman and her family to give to the state. Cox needs this procedure and the judge was right to grant this exemption. The courts must clarify the conditions when an abortion is permitted and obviously include Cox’s situation within those parameters. This is another sad commentary on the decimation of reproductive rights after the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

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