Iowa Republicans Pass 6-Week Abortion Ban

    Iowa Republicans Pass 6-Week Abortion Ban
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    The Facts

    • The Republican-majority Iowa Legislature on Tuesday passed a bill banning most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, and Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds issued a statement saying she would sign it on Friday.

    • The bill, which would ban abortions after any cardiac activity is detected in an embryo with some exceptions, passed the House 56-34, then two hours later passed the Senate 32-17.

    The Spin

    Republican narrative

    Iowans and their democratically-elected legislators want their state to protect the sanctity of life. With this bill, which was courageously passed in the face of disruptive protests and loud chanting from pro-abortion activists, Iowa has given the unborn the justice they deserve.

    Democratic narrative

    This isn’t about justice or the sanctity of life, it’s about access to life-saving healthcare for women. Republicans are lying to Americans while denying women the right to do what they feel is right with their bodies. The GOP is imposing these unpopular bans against will of the people.

    Metaculus Prediction

    Political split



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