Idaho Passes Law Restricting Travel For Out-of-State Abortions

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The Facts

  • Idaho has become the first US state to limit interstate travel for abortion, passing a law banning adults from transporting minors for an abortion without parental consent. The legislation was signed by GOP Gov. Brad Little.

  • House Bill 242 criminalizes what it describes as "abortion trafficking," potentially leading to up to five years in prison. Idaho borders several states where abortion is legal, including Washington, Oregon, Montana, and California.

The Spin

Republican narrative

The landmark bill appears to be a stern response to neighboring states that have seen themselves as abortion sanctuaries. The bill continues the state's adoption of stringent bans on abortion in the US, although it remains open to cases involving rape, incest, and a threat to the life of a mother. This is a clear-cut exercise of both Idaho's domain under states' rights and common-sense legislation.

Democratic narrative

Seeking to restrict the autonomy of young women attempting to travel for an abortion, as well as those who try to help them, is typical of the cruel and misogynistic anti-choice movement. Such laws continue to view women and girls as property while attempting to destroy the good conscience of those around them who wish to help. This is an assault on women's rights.

Metaculus Prediction

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