France: Macron to Enshrine Abortion Rights in Constitution

France: Macron to Enshrine Abortion Rights in Constitution
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The Facts

  • Pres. Emmanuel Macron has promised to enshrine women's abortion rights in the French Constitution by 2024 to make them "irreversible."

  • In an online post on Sunday, Macron said his government will submit a draft text to grant abortion constitutional status to France's top administrative court over the coming week.

The Spin

Narrative A

While abortion in France was legalized in 1975, several laws enacted since then have helped protect women's health and anonymity as well as improved the conditions to terminate a pregnancy by making the procedure more affordable. However, it's high time abortion rights are better protected under the French Constitution against the backsliding of this issue seen in nations including the US and Poland.

Narrative B

Macron's enshrinement of abortion in the French constitution is concerning, ignores pro-life sentiments, and runs contrary to the pleas of the Vatican. It's vital to push back against ideals that destroy human life. Macron enjoys a frank and open relationship with Pope Francis — hopefully, the French president will be open to embracing pro-life values going forward.

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