FDA: Amazon Selling Unapproved Eye Drops

FDA: Amazon Selling Unapproved Eye Drops
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The Facts

  • This week the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revealed it sent a letter dated November 13 to Amazon informing the online retail company that it was selling seven unapproved eye drops.

  • The letter said these eye drops were not acknowledged as safe and effective for providing temporary relief for excessive tearing, redness, burning, pink eye, or other eye issues.

The Spin

Narrative A

It's up to a large retailer such as Amazon to make sure the company is not selling products that may be harmful to customers. Until US legislation strengthens or expands the FDA’s power, Amazon must keep these unapproved products off its retail platform. As currently constituted, the FDA is not empowered to track every new over-the-counter eye product that hits the market.

Narrative B

In fact, the FDA could do more to alert the public about these products before they cause harm. Even physicians aren't sure what to recommend to patients because 1% of eye drops can be problematic. Even under current guidelines, the FDA has enough power to monitor these products and inform everyone about them.

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