DeSantis' Top Donor Allegedly Cuts Off Funds

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The Facts

  • On Friday, American entrepreneur Robert Bigelow stated that he would stop funding Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' presidential campaign unless the Republican makes a shift to attract moderate voters and new major donors.

  • Bigelow specifically cited Florida's six-week abortion ban — which allows termination of pregnancy only when a woman's life is threatened or in cases of rape or incest — to emphasize his point that "[e]xtremism" doesn't get people "elected."

The Spin

Pro-Trump narrative

DeSantis may reboot his failing presidential campaign as often as he wants, but it will never gain ground and still risks being superseded by other candidates. He has no personality and is an awful candidate — the Florida governor owes his skyrocketing political ascent solely to the support of the very man he is challenging for the GOP nomination, Trump.

Anti-Trump narrative

While DeSantis' presidential bid is yet to take off two months after he formally entered the race, it's too early to count him out of contention, as challenging a clear front-runner demands a long-term effort in which debates are decisive. If he can successfully attract non-MAGA voters, while presenting himself as the only option able to fight progressives and win, DeSantis could make a comeback to win the nomination.

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