Chris Christie Says He Would Not Sign a Six-Week Abortion Ban

    Chris Christie Says He Would Not Sign a Six-Week Abortion Ban
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    The Facts

    • Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said on Tuesday that he would not sign a six-week national abortion ban into law if he were elected president in 2024.

    • In an interview on “CNN This Morning,” the Republican presidential candidate said there is “no consensus” regarding such a ban, and further stated that decisions on abortion should be made by officials at state level.

    The Spin

    Left narrative

    Chris Christie is trying to be a voice of reason within the far–right GOP, but it's clear that the party is disinterested in electing sensible moderates. Republican Party politics is characterized by misogyny and bigotry, and the GOP base has only been more emboldened since the right-leaning Supreme Court struck down federal abortion rights. Let’s not forget that Donald Trump campaigned on nominating anti-choice justices and won over conservatives with his radical message. Christie may be prudent by trying to take a more moderate stance, but he won't see success in the GOP primaries.

    Right narrative

    Everyone knows that Chris Christie is not a serious presidential candidate, but rather an overfed loudmouth vying for a position on CNN or MSNBC as the token “Republican.” He has continued to show that he's out of touch with GOP voters, slamming laws that protect the unborn and stating he would not sign a law to protect children still in the womb. Christie is not a conservative, he is pandering to a liberal audience.

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