West Virginia Judge Blocks Abortion Ban

    Image copyright: AP [via The Guardian]

    The Facts

    • On Mon., a West Virginia state judge granted Women's Health Center of W. Va. a preliminary injunction against an abortion ban that makes performing or obtaining an abortion a felony punishable by 10 years in prison, except if the mother's life is at risk.

    • The clinic ceased all abortion services on Jun. 24, the same day SCOTUS overturned Roe v. Wade and gave states license to regulate abortion.

    The Spin

    Right narrative

    Pro-abortion groups can file as many lawsuits as they want, and lower-court judges can put holds on these bans, but these restrictions were all legally voted on and implemented by their states' respective legislatures under the caveat that they would take effect if Roe was overturned. It's now the duty of state officials to enforce them.

    Left narrative

    Although the decision to overturn Roe gave the power over abortion to the states, many of these trigger bans and abortion restrictions violate state constitutions and infringe on women's rights to bodily autonomy. It's absolutely necessary for judges to step in and block these cruel bans.

    Political split



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