VP Harris: US Won't Conduct Anti-Satellite Missile Tests

Image copyright: Getty Images [via Independent]

The Facts

  • In a speech held at the Vandenburg Space Force Base on Mon., VP Kamala Harris announced that the US will no longer conduct direct-ascent anti-satellite ("ASAT") missile tests.

  • This marks the US as the first nation to ban these tests amid concerns about the dangers of space debris.

The Spin

Establishment-critical narrative

The Biden administration's decision to impose a ban due to the dangers of space junk is hypocritical. Given that the US is the first country to have moved ahead and tested anti-satellite weapons, it shouldn't be trying to convince others not to do the same.

Pro-establishment narrative

There are unlimited risks associated with ASAT testing, and it's high time that a ban is implemented. Space debris could potentially damage space stations, could destroy dozens of satellites, and could pose a future risk to anything that might launch for years to come. Other countries should follow the US lead.

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