US Kills ‘Senior Leader’ of al-Qaeda-Linked Group in Syria

    Image copyright: AFP [via France 24]

    The Facts

    • The US military announced that it killed Abu Hamzah al Yemeni, a "senior leader" of the al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist organization Hurras al-Din, on Mon. in Syria's rebel-held Idlib governorate.

    • Al Yemeni was reportedly riding alone on a motorcycle shortly after midnight when he was hit by a drone strike. The military said there were no civilian casualties, though this couldn't be independently verified.

    The Spin

    Establishment-critical narrative

    Though this specific strike may not have caused civilian casualties, other US operations in Idlib have unnecessarily killed civilians for little return. It is unclear what the US gains from these operations, and civilians often feel the brunt and pain of US military action in the area.

    Pro-establishment narrative

    The US' campaign against terrorist leaders in northern Syria has been quite productive, and al Yemeni's killing is another example of a job well done. This operation protects American citizens, US allies, and innocent lives around the globe.

    Establishment split



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