US Defense Contractors Allegedly Targeted By Russian Hackers

    Image copyright: The Verge

    The Facts

    • State-sponsored Russian hackers have obtained sensitive data from US defense contractors, according to an alert issued by US intelligence.

    • The CISA, FBI, and NSA concluded that state-sponsored cyber actors had targeted and compromised contractors for the US Dept. of Defense.

    The Spin

    Right narrative

    Putin is exerting pressure on the US on several fronts – through cyberwar and the Ukraine conflict – because the Biden administration demonstrated weakness in the Afghanistan withdrawal. If the US doesn't stand up to Putin, other bad actors will follow suit.

    Left narrative

    Biden demanded action from Putin on Russian-based cyber criminals and the Kremlin took immediate action, rounding up gangs and seizing the profits of ransomeware operations. Putin will need to act swiftly to address these new allegations or risk losing credibility on the diplomatic stage.

    Pro-Russia narrative

    The US is once again rehashing the old bogeyman of Russian hackers to cover up their own ineptitude and demonize Russia. This current scare is no different than last year's alleged then discredited pipeline attack, or 2016 when the DNC claimed without evidence that it had been hacked by Russia, in what was almost certainly an inside job.

    Political split



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