US Charges One American, Four Chinese Officials With Spying

Image copyright: Bloomberg [via the Washington Post]

The Facts

  • On Wed., the DoJ said that a US citizen and four Chinese intelligence officers have been indicted on charges related to spying on Chinese dissidents, human rights leaders, and pro-democracy activists residing in the US. The indictment was unsealed on Tuesday.

  • Wang Shujun, 73, of Queens, NY- who was arrested on Mar. 16 - stands accused of collecting information about activists on behalf of China's Ministry of State Security (MSS).

The Spin

Anti-China narrative

Transnational repression threatens the rule of law and harms people in the US. The intimidation tactics of the PRC, and other nations, are contrary to fundamental American values and unacceptable. This is the first step in holding those involved accountable.

Pro-China narrative

America is again making baseless accusations in an attempt to hype up the 'China threat' and smear China's reputation. They would do better to stop with their cold-war mentality and focus more on strengthening US-China ties.

Establishment split



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