US Abortion Protests: Tear Gas Used Outside AZ Legislature

    Image copyright: AP [via Independent]

    The Facts

    • Law enforcement in Phoenix, AZ used tear gas against protesters outside of the state's Senate building following the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v. Wade.

    • Republican State Senator Kelly Townsend said the Fri. night protest escalated into a "hostage" situation as the legislators were instructed not to leave the building. The Republican Caucus of the State Senate called it an attempted "insurrection."

    The Spin

    Democratic narrative

    Protesters at the AZ Senate and across the nation have been expressing their dismay with having their rights stripped away with the shocking repeal of Roe vs. Wade. Pro-Choice demonstrators have been maliciously attacked and threatened following this catastrophic verdict. Violence against women is being perpetuated by the GOP, police, and the far-right.

    Republican narrative

    Democrats like AOC and Maxine Waters demanding to "fill the streets" and "defy" the "illegitimate" ruling incited the violent uprising in Phoenix and shows the hypocrisy of the party. Especially when compared to the witchhunt of the Jan. 6 riots, the term 'Democracy' isn't a concern when it reinforces the left's ideology.

    Political split



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