Turkey Launches New Ground and Air Offensive in Northern Iraq

    Image copyright: IHA Photo [via Daily Sabah]

    The Facts

    • Turkey has launched a fresh ground and air offensive in northern Iraq targeting Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) bases in the area, Turkey's defense minister said on Mon. At least 19 suspected Kurdish rebels have been killed, and four Turkish soldiers wounded.

    • In an operation named Claw-Lock, commando units and special forces, backed by UAVs and attack helicopters, have conducted raids against PKK positions in Metina, Zap, and Avashin-Basyan.

    The Spin

    Narrative A

    Turkey has every right to defend its border from the terrorist PKK organization, which seeks to undermine and provoke Turkish society. The Turkish military is fighting valiantly to eradicate Kurdish terrorism from inside and outside Turkey.

    Narrative B

    This is nothing more than a continuation of Turkey's genocidal campaign against Kurds. Turkey seeks to occupy all of northern Iraq, including the city of Mosul, due to Erdogan's neo-Ottoman delusions. The Kurds have just as great a right as Ukrainians to resist a brutal military occupation.

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