Trump Stumps for Nebraska Gubernatorial Candidate

    Image copyright: Getty Images [via CNN]

    The Facts

    • Former Pres.Trump took to the rally stage in Greenwood, Nebraska on Sun. to support businessman Charles Herbster's campaign for governor.

    • He repeated his full-throated endorsement of Herbster and dismissed allegations of sexual misconduct against him, claiming that Herbster had been "badly maligned."

    The Spin

    Democratic narrative

    Republicans running in at least 4 primary races across the country stand credibly accused of domestic abuse or sexual violence, while GOP voters shrug and its candidates engage in gaslighting and victim-blaming. As always, they follow in the well-worn path of their leader, Trump, who responded in the same manner to multiple allegations of sexual assault and harassment.

    Pro-Trump narrative

    Allegations like this have been a national trend ever since Trump came into political prominence. They're usually made against someone that believes in the Trump agenda and is ahead in the polls, typically without any evidence.

    Narrative C

    The upcoming GOP primaries will be a tough test for Trump's leadership in the Republican Party. He's gone against his advisors in making a number of questionable endorsements, which may put his political brand in jeopardy.

    Establishment split



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