Trump Cuts Ties with Pence, Hints at New VP for 2024

    Image copyright: The Washington Post

    The Facts

    • Former president Trump confirmed in an interview that he hasn't spoken to his former VP Mike Pence "in a long time" and would likely choose another VP candidate for a potential 2024 run for re-election.

    • "I don't think the people would accept it," he told the conservative Washington Examiner, suggesting Pence had lost favor with GOP voters when he failed to stop the certification of the 2020 presidential election.

    The Spin

    Pro-Trump narrative

    Mike Pence is a career politician who is simply trying to position himself as the GOP presidential nominee in 2024. His break with Trump, like his failure to act courageously on Jan. 6, is a self-interested play to advance his own ambitions.

    Democratic narrative

    Trump might be jumping the gun in discussing potential running mates. Despite his popularity among Republicans, Pence's recent comments show there are fragments of the establishment willing to stand up to him and make his road to the nomination more difficult than it was in 2020.

    Narrative C

    With Trump, like many mob bosses, loyalty is a one-way street. Trump demands absolute loyalty from those in his circle, and when they make even the slightest break with him, he tosses them under the bus. He is corrupt and ethically untethered.

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