Trump Attorney Eastman Asserts Privilege over 11K Pages of Emails

    Image copyright: Jim Bourg/Reuters [via The Daily Beast]

    The Facts

    • John Eastman, a Trump lawyer, is trying to block the Jan. 6 Committee from receiving 11,000 pages of emails by asserting attorney-client privilege.

    • After he failed to quash a subpoena, a federal judge ordered him to review 95,000 pages of emails - held by his former employer, Chapman University - and hand over any not subject to privilege.

    The Spin

    Right narrative

    Eastman is a well-respected attorney and legal scholar, and his communications with clients are subject to the protections of attorney-client privilege. The Committee is trying to rush the legal process simply to score political points against Trump before the midterm elections.

    Left narrative

    While Eastman has yet to provide any documentation to support his claims of attorney-client relationships, investigations have revealed that he was part of a wide-ranging conspiracy to help Trump retain power after losing the election, including being present at Trump's "Command Center" in the Willard Hotel on Jan. 5th.

    Political split



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