Three Killed In Alleged Israeli Bombing of Syria

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The Facts

  • Three Syrian soldiers were reportedly killed in an Israeli airstrike near Demascus on Thursday.

  • This comes the day after after the Syrian border province of Quneitra was allegedly struck by Israeli missiles launched from the Golan Heights, causing material damage.

The Spin

Establishment-critical narrative

Israel's repeated attacks are a brazen violation of both international law and Syria's sovereignty. These acts of aggression, based on false pretexts, are carried out with the sole purpose of creating instability in the region. The international community must condemn the attacks, or risk empowering the Zionist regime.

Pro-establishment narrative

Any attacks by Israel are in response to a long history of Syrian and Iranian aggression, which includes the development of deadly nerve agents for use against both Israel and Syria's own people. Israel is pre-empting genocide by carrying out the moral equivalent of bombing Auschwitz. Casualities are tragic but inevitable in war.

Establishment split



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