Thousands March in US Abortion Rallies

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The Facts

  • On Saturday, thousands of protesters marched in cities across the US in opposition to SCOTUS's overturning of Roe v. Wade, and to urge voters to turn out in support of Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections.

  • A crowd of mostly women chanted, "we won't go back," while their banners called for a "feminist tsunami" in a demonstration in Washington, DC. A number of people wore green - associated with the pursuit of abortion rights - and others wore blue to symbolize the "blue wave" of democratic support they hope to prompt.

The Spin

Democratic narrative

Until a few months ago Democratic support was catastrophic, but the injustice done by a majority-conservative Supreme Court has seen the electorate more enthusiastic than ever to support a left-wing legislative mandate. Abortion is constantly being catapulted back to the forefront in swing states, where voters know that the GOP cannot be trusted to protect the health and autonomy of women by defending reproductive rights.

Republican narrative

Rather than prioritize abortion, the Democrats would do better to focus on issues affecting working-class Americans, such as the state of the economy, in the run-up to the midterms, as even Bernie Sanders recognizes. While Biden is busy attempting to distract from a record of failed leadership and incompetent policy, the GOP is putting voters' concerns - like the rising cost of living and threat of crime - at the heart of their campaign.

Political split



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