Sarah Palin to Seek New Trial After Losing NYT Lawsuit

Image copyright: Zuma Press [via The WSJ]

The Facts

  • Palin plans to seek a new trial, disqualification of the judge, and interviews of the jurors - amongst other motions - following the loss of a defamation suit against the New York Times.

  • A number of jurors reportedly learned of the judge's intention to dismiss her case before the jury ruled against her in the original trial.

The Spin

Right narrative

Palin's first trial was a total fracas. Juror deliberations were influenced by the judge's planned ruling popping up on smartphones. There is no way she got a fair trial.

Left narrative

Judge Rakoff has been adamant that the notifications played no role whatsoever in jury deliberations. Palin is relentlessly pursuing a case she cannot win.

Political split



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