Refugees of Color Accuse Ukraine of Discrimination

    Image copyright: AFP/Getty Images [via DW]

    The Facts

    • African, South Asian and Middle Eastern refugees have claimed that border guards are prioritizing Ukrainians fleeing the country in the wake of Russian attacks.

    • Accusations against authorities include non-Ukrainians being pushed to the ends of long lines and even beaten.

    The Spin

    Narrative A

    Guards are discriminating based on race rather than nationality. White foreigners are benefiting from preferential treatment by guards, while non-white people are being treated as second-class citizens. The targeting of non-whites is not limited to the border but is taking place across the country.

    Narrative B

    There is no discrimination based on race, skin color or nationality. Such reports are merely products of Russian disinformation. Focus on this issue deflects attention from the Russian aggression that is causing the refugee crisis in the first place.

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